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Holiday Special- Package of 3 60-minute massages $135!!! Regular Package Price $150 

Promotion ends 1/1/2014


I offer treatment sessions in 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute lengths. I would always urge a client coming in for the first time to opt for at least a 60-minute treatment, but preferably a 90-minute one.  A 30-minute massage is not enough time to start a treatment course, it's not even enough time to do a thorough evaluation and diagnosis.  Starting with a longer times allows me to thoroughly evaluate the issues throughout your entire body, including pain and tension you're probably not even aware you have.  It gives me time to address multiple issues during one session, in other words, to perform a treatment with the goal of doing a total body reset.

 My goal with all clients is to get them to the point where they are only coming in for maintenance every 4-6 weeks, or in the case of an acute flare up. If you're having pain when you first come to see me, it may take several treatments close together before we see enough progress to start shifting them farther apart. You will get there, though. The most important thing is, you have to do maintenance on your body.  It's an easy thing to ignore it until it's so damaged that we can't stand the pain, but that kind of damage and pain is avoidable, make the time! It takes a lot more time when you're in pain, and off your feet, than it does to spend an hour with a good bodyworker about once a month.  The question I always ask my clients is, do you change the oil in your car before, or after the engine freezes?

Pregnancy Massage

I did my entire graduate project at my school on Shiatsu for pregnancy and labor relief. I see clients all the way up until when they deliver, I use body cushions so the expectant mother can be comfortably positioned on her side after the 5th month.  While doing the treatment, I often check with my client to see what pregnancy sympotoms they're experiencing so that I can teach them what acupressure points they can use at home, as well as treating it in the clinic.  Shiatsu points have an amazing ability to moderate the more unbearable preganancy symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, low energy, pelvis and low back pain. While you are pregnant, your body is going through a tremendous strain, it is working harder than it ever has, regular Shiatsu treatments can help promote, and maintain a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy mom.There are, of course, points that we simply avoid while treating a pregnant woman, as they can trigger the release of oxytocin and cause contractions.  All first time and third trimester pregnancy massages should be 60- or 90- minute treatments.

Labor and Infant Classes

 There are two classes associated with this that I teach. I offer a class the expectant mother  and her labor coach, or coaches, on positions, movement, acupressure points, massage techniques, and all around tips to help ease labor and keep it moving along. I would strongly suggest taking this class during the second trimester so that you have lots of time to practice before you are actually dealing with labor. When you're in labor, thinking isn't a priority, you want to have practiced these things enough that you just do them!

I also teach new parents and family members Shiatsu for infants and basic infant massage.  Acupressure can relieve gas pain, sooth fussiness, it promotes healthy growth and helps the baby thrive.  Doing the massage is also a wonderful way for parents and family members to bond with the infant, and spend time just focusing them, while getting used to touching them. I will do massage on infants in my office if they family is dealing with an issue like, sever colic, that they're not making any headway with. I prefer to teach the baby's family because when they get fussy from gas at 3 a.m., you'll have a number of different techniques to try at home. I'm in the office a lot, but baby's are funny about waking up cranky at odd hours!

Each class costs $60, and run about an hour long.


Shiatsu Treatmentents

30 Minute- $30
Package of 3 30-minute massages- $75

60 Minute- $60
Package of 3 60-minute massages- $150

90 Minute- $90
Package of 3 90-minute massages- $245

I accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards, thank you!

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