I studied focused touch Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine at The Shiatsu Clinc and School, located in Iowa City, IA. I graduated in early 2010, and after passing the national licensing exam began my career working with a group of incredibly talented chiropractors.  I learned an incredible amount from consulting with the chiropractors before I treated their patients, they all made time to explain exactly what they were seeing on x-rays or exams, and we would trade ideas from our different backgrounds to come up with the best possible solution. During this time I also started studying and incorporating various Western medical massage techniques into my practice.  It became verey quickly that there is not one right answer, or one right treatment, for a given issue.  Working in that clinic gave me the incredible opportunity to assess, diagnose, and design individual treatment plans for clients with all different jobs, lifestyles, and backgrounds. These patients were being seen at the clinic for a broad spectrum of reasons, I saw people who came in regularly so they could keep their body in great, healthy condition, I saw clients who pain so severe they couldn't walk.  After spending a year working in that clinic, I broke off and opened my own clinic in downtown Iowa City where I just finished my second year out on my own.

While I do practice medical massage in general, there are three specific areas that I have both an intense personal and professional interest in. I have spent considerable time and energy studying and researching these specific issues and all of the various techniques to try to help a client get through them. 

-Migraines. I both treat acute episodes, and do regular work on clients to help prevent them and decrease their severity if they occur.

-Low back pain. Chronic low back pain is a life changing issues, everything becomes a thousand times more difficult, if not impossible altogether when your back flares up. Using Shiatsu to do intense work on the low back, sacrum, hips, and coccyx, can actually alleviate the pain, especially if we catch it early. With back pain that has progressed in severity, it may take repeated treatments, where you'll see a gradual decrease in pain afterr every session.

-Pregnancy. Please go to the Treatment Options page for an explanation of the treatments during pregnancy, and the various other offers with it.


I only see clients by appointment, I don't take walk-ins. However, if you find yourself needing an acute appointment, please call or text me immediately and I will do my best to get you in that day.  In certain acute situations, a migraine, or any situation where you are in too much pain to make it into my office, I will absolutely make a house call if possible. (There is an additional $20 fee for house calls).


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